Class Info

Class Info

Due to the fact that my class is largely computer based, each of you need to get an idea of what is on this website. It has a load of information that will allow each of you to successfully navigate this course as the material we cover becomes more in depth. Each chapter that we cover will have notes connected to it that you will be expected to read and use in studying. It is NOT recommended that you simply google answers for 2 reasons. 1) Unless you go to education websites its highly likely that you get information that is not factual. 2) Even if you go to education websites they may not focus on the information I will test you on. For these reasons I would highly recommend that you use my notes for all studying.

You will also be held accountable for understanding the format that I will use in grading your essays. Since essays will be such a large portion of your content mastery grades it is highly recommended that you look through the material on the writing page that is linked below. As always it is a focus of mine for you to develop YOUR OWN voices in analysis, so please understand no opinion will be frowned upon as long as you can justify your opinion factually.

Major Links

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