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Information that will help you manage this class

Study Tips

A list of study habits that will help students who struggle in this course find a method that may help them succeed.

Geography In W. History

A basic knowledge of geography is important in this class so that the student knows the location of each of these cities and civilizations.

Class Projects

A few of the projects that we do in this class can be found here and provide students with more information that could help them in completion.

Learning Styles

Due, in part, the the perceived failure of education in the past few decades, a great deal of time and effort has been spent by neurologists in studying the science of learning. While these studies are quite complex and don’t always arrive at definitive conclusions, we now have a better understanding of how students can tailor their studying to their personal styles in an effort to be more effective with their time. What we found is that all humans have study habits and tactics on learning that connect best with them. Since these theories became popular, the use of diagnostic tests in this regard have skyrocketed. Not only are these tests used in High School classrooms now, but they were given to friends of mine when they started Med School.

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Neurologists have been publishing for years about this but it has been commonly misinterpreted in the media. These differences DO NOT mean that you can’t learn any other way. They simply let you know that you may benefit MOST from this type of studying and/or classwork.