Class Projects

A collection of projects that will be a part of this course

Projects are quickly becoming among the most important tools for teachers to use in a classroom (see this article for more info). We have realized that, if used correctly, these assignments can help students learn the material at a level that can’t be attained in traditional activities. For this reason there have been numerous schools that have tried to align their curriculum completely to this new trend in the hopes that it would help students test scores. Unfortunately this is not the case. No one concept can fix the issues we are having in education.

So in this class we will utilize many of the “project based learning” concepts that are so popular in education right now, but will also teach in other ways so that we don’t focus solely on a concept that might not be what is best for every student in class. The following is a list of projects that we cover in class:


List of projects


History Channel

History Channel Project

Student Videos As Fake Interns

Students are given the opportunity to act as though they are interns at the history channel and pitch ideas for a new show that focuses on getting more young people to watch this channel.


CTU Project

Students Act As Law Enforcement

Students act as though they are counter terrorism agents who are undercover and are trying to bring down a terrorist cell. They use this story as a way to creatively compare two religions of their choice during the religion unit.