CTU Project


This assignment represents an atypical way to have students compare the different religious beliefs that are found in the early part of the year in a World History class. Instead of having students draw a venn diagram or complete a chart, this assignment allows the students to put themselves in a situation that might pique their interest slightly more than the traditional lesson in this category. Students are told they are undercover in a terrorist organization (with 2 religions of their choice), but that the group has started to have major conflicts and the student must write a persuasive narrative to calm the situation by explaining the similarities between the group members. This lesson was obviously inspired by watching entirely too much of the show 24, but it does a good job of allowing the students to have a bit more fun with a lesson that normally isn’t that interesting.

Project Details

     You are a new agent for the counter-terrorism unit in Las Vegas. They have had you infiltrate a new type of terrorist cell led by previously peaceful religious leaders. Robert is a lifelong ___________ (must be a Dharmic religion) who is tired of the policies of the US and wants to teach our country a lesson by taking out one of its most lucrative cities. Alex is a ___________ (must be an Abrahamic religion) whose whole family was killed by a US strike in Afghanistan and has become overcome with rage. He wants nothing more than to make anyone in this country suffer like he has with the loss of his family. You have gained the trust of the two leaders, and have gathered enough evidence to take them down forever, but you want to know who is in this organization above these two men. If you can find this mysterious leader known only as “Shadow” you may be able to stop later attempts also.

     Your issue is that this multicultural group has run into problems working together. The two leaders have had MAJOR issues with working together because of their religious differences. This is a touchy situation because if one of them gets violent you will probably be killed also, since you are __________ religion (you may pick your own religion or any other you choose). You are fighting for your life! If you leave, they WILL find you and kill you because you know too much. You can’t arrest them now because you are worried that Shadow will send someone else to bomb Las Vegas, and your family lives here. You MUST find a way to talk these two religious people into calming this religious tension!!!! The only way to do this is to show them all the things these religions have in common and how there is NO reason for them to be fighting.

     You must use comparisons between the 2 or 3 religions (depending on which you choose) that help in talking these men into calming their stance against each other. Keep in mind that you are LITERALLY fighting for your life, so it is expected that you have an amazingly impassioned speech. Be as persuasive as possible in your argument.