10) East Asian Development

Forbidden City

The Forbidden City was the Emperors Palace in China for centuries. (Creative Commons photo. Attribution to author and info can be found here)

In this chapter we cover a great deal of changes in East Asia. The Chinese were able to throw off the rule of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty and re-establish Chinese based rule in China, although with a great deal of the influence of the previous Yuan Dynasty. There is a focus on exploration for a short time, based around the Admiral Zheng He, and the decision to break away from this expansion. Later in the chapter we discuss Tokogawa Japan and their backtrack in their refusal to allow other groups into Japan. This information helps students understand relations between the East and West that cause a variety of issues through history. This history is actually tied into some of the reasons for World War II, which makes it important to one of the students' favorite subjects. 

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