Unit 4 (W)

The Rise Of The National Assembly

Tennis Court Oath Drawing by Jacques-Louis David. (Public Domain photo. Info can be found here)

Unit 4 covers the time period between the start of the age of revolutions in 1750 to the start of the first World War in 1914. While these dates seem largely based on European issues, the unit does cover the entire world as one that is more interconnected than it has ever been. The concepts that rise from the age of revolutions spread throughout the globe and lead to uprisings around the globe. These revolutions would shake the foundation of human society and set us on a path towards the modern world as we know it. Historians may debate about whether the French or American revolution was more important, but we focus on the importance of both. This chapter also deals with the development of imperialism and the struggles against it in a variety of areas. All of these issues culminate in the start of the first world war, which we fully set the stage for in this unit.

Unit 4 Chapters

Ch. 11: Early Revolutions

Ch. 12: The Industrial Revolution & Economic Development

Ch. 13: Revolutionary Ideas Spread

Ch. 14 The Development Of Imperialism

Ch. 14: The Development of Imperialism

Ch. 15: Changes in Asia