Chapter 15

Unit 4 World History

The Battle of  the Pyramids by Louis-Francois Baron Lejeune. (Public Domain photo. Info can be found here)

The British under the East India Company destroying the Chinese Junk ships in Anson’s Bay (1841). (Public Domain photo. Info can be found here)

This chapter covers the reactions to imperialism in Asia from the side of the people in that continent instead of covering it solely from the side of the West. It covers some of the issues that arise in the countries themselves as they are attempting to keep their own countries from the Europeans. A great deal of time is spent in explaining the issues in China and Korea in this time period as well as the far different reactions in Japan during this time. Understanding these concepts is pivotal in understanding the Pacific Theater in WWII so we as a class spend a good amount of time setting this up as well as we can.

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