17) Between The Wars

Unemployed Men Outside Soup Kitchen Chicago

Unemployed men waiting in line at a soup kitchen started by Al Capone in Chicago (1927). (Public Domain photo. Info can be found here)

The era between the world wars was an important one in a variety of countries around the world. This would start with the Russian Revolution, which would create the 1st communist(ish) country in history. The differences between the philosophy and it's implementation would lead people to call this Leninism, but the intent was never doubted. The Mexican Revolution would start prior to World War I, but since it ends afterwards we cover it in this chapter. Along with the political leaders of the movement, we also cover revolutionary leaders like Villa and Zapata as well as the many women that took part in the movement. Women would find themselves important in many other countries during this era also as most of the Western world finally decides to allow women to have the right to vote. Lastly, we cover the great depression and it's impact on the world. We spend far more time covering the rest of the world than we do what was happening in the U.S. (that is covered in U.S. History), but it is hard to cover the subject without talking about the United States at all. 

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