20) Revolts Against Imperialism

Ch. 20 Revolts Against Imperialism

Mohandas Gandhi with Muhammad Ali Jinnah. (Public Domain photo. Info can be found here)

One subject that is ignored in history far too often are the movements to break free from colonialism/imperialism in the world after World War II. Many colonies of Western powers were able to break free during this time period and transformed whole continents because of it. Independence movements in Africa were most prominent during this era and we cover a few of the most important of them including the Mau Mau Revolt in Kenya. We later get to South African Apartheid which culminates with the life of Nelson Mandela. Outside of Africa, we talk about a number of other movements including the well-known independence movement in India. Most people know who Gandhi is, but they don't quite grasp the scope of what he did. On top of that we usually don't realize just how important the split between India and Pakistan during this time has effected geo-political issues worldwide ever since. For this reason, we cover all of these movements and their effects. 

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