Essay Writing For This Course

This is NOT your English class! Learning how to write here is about learning to think logically and critically. Here is a rundown of what to know for success in this course.

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Writing In A History Course

Writing flawless essays is one of the most difficult concepts for young students to master. Students often ask for a specific set of rules to guide them in their writings instead of seeing writing as an art that is meant to inspire. This section will try to find a way to give students the rules that they want while not taking away from the creative side of writing that is a necessity for all great writers. It is our hope that this helps them on their way towards truly great writing.

How To Start

Starting essays tends to be the part that students struggle with the most. Here are some ideas on how this can be done in a relatively painless way.

Writing A Thesis

The thesis is THE single most important part of any essay. It not only gives direction for the essay, but also acts as a gateway for what material should come after it.

Answering The Question

The single most widely mentioned issue students have in essays is missing the point of the question. How do students make sure this doesn’t happen?


Once you learn how to structure an essay, they become as simple as plugging numbers into a formula.

Essay Rules

There are clear rules for essays in this course. Learning them will better prepare you for (non-English style) essays in college.


The conclusion is often an overlooked formality to students. While not overly difficult, it is an area of the essay that must be taken seriously in order to make a great essay.

Essays Are A Great Indicator Of Intelligence

The Good News

¬ěThis is NOT an English class! You will not be graded on spelling or grammar UNLESS it hinders my ability to understand what the heck you are talking about. There is also never a length requirement for essays in my class. You need to answer the question thoroughly. How long that takes depends on your personal writing ability. If you can answer the question fully AND provide evidence to support it in a shorter essay than the other students in class, its fine with me. I would side on the more in depth side if you want a good grade though.

The Bad News

¬ěThis is not an English class! My focus is VERY SPECIFICALLY about intelligent content. I could care less about your ability to whimsically write about the beauty of a butterfly. I expect each essay to be an example of organizational perfection supported with hard facts. This, in my opinion, is the best method of teaching essays to students your age due to the fact that most of you will go to college for programs other than creative writing. So each of you need to know how to write an essay the way non-English classes expect them.

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