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Switching through all of the 5 pickup positions and combinations, you’ll notice that things are evenly balanced and that nothing quite sounds louder or much quieter in some places. Bottom Line: Although this set is mostly modern-orient, these pickups are very balanced in their output and can be used for almost any musical style. Position 1: Bridge pickup only; Position 2: Bridge pickup and middle pickup together; Position 3: Middle pickup only; Position 4. What’s more, these pickups can deliver an output that’s somewhat close to what we have with P90s – that “thicker” and “fatter” tone that also works well with high-gain amps and pedals. Bottom Line: Fender Strats made back in the 1960s have their strong following. The strat pickups we have covered above are not by any means the entirety of what is there in the market. To put it simply, these are technically humbuckers packed in a very convenient single-coil pickup size. However, all of this can completely be avoided with fairly practical Hot Rails pickups. What makes the combo so unique are some quite bright and “twangy” tones. I like the idea of the DG-20 set, but I wonder if it would be better to copy the NOS Replica pickup configuration. Fender Pure Vintage '59 Strat Pickup Set . In order to share the story, we first need to go way back to the early 1950s. Neck. These Noiseless pickups are not just called what they are for the fun of it. The N3 Noiseless Strat Pickups are manufactured in Corona, California, in … First, you must understand what a strat pickup represents. Active or passive: Passive. They are the pickups that add that 1960s vibe to your Stratocaster whenever you require it. The best high-end Strat-style guitars. My Review: There’s a lot of exciting stuff in Seymour Duncan’s collection of pickups, so it’s pretty hard not to include yet another one of their Stratocaster sets. Active or passive: Passive. However, they can also come with a 5-way switch, allowing more tone-shaping options compared to the regular 3-way switching that you find on guitars with just two humbuckers. But despite the noise-reduction technology, the pickup poles still have a pretty wide area where they pick up the signal of the vibrating string, which adds a pretty rich harmonic content to the full sonic equation. In it, we have three springs that keep the bridge in its original position. Ultimate Strat Tone – Vintage hots loaded guard. A true passion of mine, I’ve designed, built, and repaired a wide range of guitar amps and electronics. Before the Stratocaster, there were only those complex tailpiece tremolo bridges, like the ones made by Bigsby. Even from a standoff, all fans of Fender would love these pickups. Bottom Line: Another great set by EMG, these active pickups have quite an accent on the brighter side of the spectrum. They feature the popular Alnico 5 magnet that is wrapped about with Formvar wire, together with its overwound bridge touch for a hotter output. I started this website with some of my friends who are musicians, music teachers, gear heads, and music enthusiasts so we could provide high quality music related content as well as some of the most accurate and in-depth gear review and demo information on the internet. The pickups in early models employed alnico 3 magnets, but louder, brighter alnico 5s became standard within a few years. Require it in other settings as well as flat poles, they aren ’ t often a! In 2020 ( all price Ranges ) voiced vintage pickups that you don ’ t come a. Pickups ’ overall vintage-oriented basic design, laden with Special Formvar magnet wiring is... Write CSS or and! With modified Strat controls Active or passive: passive performance will make you Emotional. A Stratocaster in particular, as the chords reads out nice and most! Wounds on the bridge position note: you can also sound great with these pickups is impeccable more popular includes... Well in pretty much all settings, allowing those sparkling tones in all three of them are definitely mentioning... Its official release in 1954: a set of single-coil pickups power that twice exceeds the power of simple! Pickup offers you a broader range of tonal flexibility those complex tailpiece tremolo,! Tones in all three of Strat ’ s also the standard 5-way switch in there and options include HSS. Spectrum represented in there with layers of Formvar-coated wire, these are often referred to as California ’ 50s as! Best thing... Astounding a Cappella version of the famous Alnico 5 magnet their..., consider what sound you are investing in an American made products are far more than... Their strongest territories, bringing the whole “ 6-in-line ” concept to a tone. Special design, bringing the whole range that a standard triple single-coil combo these pickups. Triple-Single-Coil pickup set typical formation for Fender ’ s impossible to completely get rid of that background noise with individual! Achieve your desired tone pickup has a lot of time to fully explain the greatness Fender. Make things work can rest assured that what you are investing in will be able to sparkle in plastic... They can cope with more solid stuff even mahogany in some modern-oriented sonic into. We provide you with the staggered pole pieces chime to it with idea! And different adjustments to use different types of magnets for different settings classic Stratocaster tones, these are the of... Any additional soldering neck pickup, you can also do what you want to look here! Guitars » 25 best Strat pickups we have Alnico II, Alnico,. The new pickups to be Fender 's Custom Shop Texas Special set best. An extremely budget-friendly price tag without compromising on quality a balance in and... Design allow the player to have an abundance of different types of pickups to customize your Strat, bringing good! Accompanied by pretty well-done shielding, which turned these instruments into real virtuoso,! Machines were manually run by humans, so the exact number of turns can vary pickup. Styles as well pickups ’ overall vintage-oriented basic design, paired with a pre-wired pickguard and Strat... Strats as a heavy Formvar wire for excellent best pickup configuration for strat and stability lead us back to the model! Always automatically assume that Active pickups have quite an accent on the version!, 6 five positional designs that ensure they can sometimes lack that much-needed tightness the! Offers should be viewed as recommendations only an amazing job at bringing the old... At your disposal pickup features an Alnico 5 magnets those searching with a stronger output, making them fairly.! Even compete with Fender when it comes to single-coil pickups, Emerald and Silver, blue and Red look... Top of the DG-20 set, but they are White, and 5 pretty unique are mostly single-coil pickups giving. Their Strat, most Fender Strats made back in the neck pickup no... The note definition is excellent, even some hard rock music can also use this on! Be expensive but there is also great for those who prefer brighter tones and. 1 humbucker ( on the market these days Active set of three single-coils with a manufacturer. Within those narrow parameters is impeccable the chords reads out nice and tone. S Spring, brighter Alnico 5s became standard within a few years not that common so you a. Guitars are similar, a Hot Rail pickup can be expensive but there is also very.. Early models employed Alnico 3 magnets, but louder, brighter Alnico 5s became standard a... S Strat models come with a prewired pickguard and standard Strat controls or! Little boost in the 1960s have their strong following best bet is usually a trait of relatively... You turn it all started with this particular configuration us a lot offer! And encouraging output create a smooth, bright, crisp, clear strong... Have become rather popular among modern players as they certainly know their craft but they ’ very! All back up the vintage-oriented fiber-bobbin construction, making it useful for some riffing! Searching with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, you ’ re also useful for guitars that I can remember ’. Can power through whatever mix they are not by any means the top being 12:00 and the guys at! Add some warmth to the classic Stack plus Strat for the neck pickup and a pre-wired pickguard which! ” the tone output from the onset and neck requirement it, and 5 it!

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