Dunnings Class

A Website dedicated to World History Content.

Dunning’s Class

This website is dedicated to information that would help students be successful in a world history curriculum. This is obviously tailored to my own course but can be used for other students. This site includes my own research on a variety of different subjects and will continue to be updated as I expand my research base. Since this is world history, the sheer amount of information is daunting, but I will continue to work to update pages. 

"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous"

– Confucius

Why is this class different?

I spend a great deal of time trying to show students why all of this information matters to them. My approach to this is two-fold. First, I try to show the complexity of history through connecting what historians do to sifting through current events to try to find the relative truth. This process allows students to realize that history is far more malliable than they walk into class thinking. Second, I try to show them the many times that this content is seen in pop culture, so that they understand that they will see this information in their lives. 

International Travel

I lead tour groups abroad every other year with students from WCTA. Click on the button below for information regarding the upcoming tour. It truly is an opportunity of a lifetime to get to experience this with your friends.