Chapter 20
Unit 5 World History
The Battle of  the Pyramids by Louis-Francois Baron Lejeune. (Public Domain photo. Info can be found here)
Mohandas Gandhi with Muhammad Ali Jinnah. (Public Domain photo. Info can be found here)
One subject that is ignored in history far too often are the movements to break free from colonialism/imperialism in the world after World War II. Many colonies of Western powers were able to break free during this time period and transformed whole continents because of it. Independence movements in Africa were most prominent during this era and we cover a few of the most important of them including the Mau Mau Revolt in Kenya. We later get to South African Apartheid which culminates with the life of Nelson Mandela. Outside of Africa, we talk about a number of other movements including the well-known independence movement in India. Most people know who Gandhi is, but they don’t quite grasp the scope of what he did. On top of that we usually don’t realize just how important the split between India and Pakistan during this time has effected geo-political issues worldwide ever since. For this reason, we cover all of these movements and their effects.

Essential questions

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  1. Did the use of violence to suppress revolts in African countries during the era of anti-colonial revolts tend to work in favor of the Europeans? Why or why not?
  2. In what ways were the anti-colonial revolts in Africa a logical result of the Pan-Africanism movement? Could any of these revolts have worked without that step first?

Chapter Content

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Decolonization of African Nations

Ghana Independence

Mau Mau Uprising

Jomo Kenyatta

The Algerian War of Independence

Other NW African Issues

Independence in Congo

The Congo Crisis

The Rhodesian Bush War

President Robert Mugabe

The Mozambican War of Independence

Portuguese Colonial War

Guinea-Bissau War of Independence

Angolan War of Independence

Angolan Civil War

Child Soldiers

Blood Diamonds

The 1st Liberian Civil War

The Sierra Leone Civil War


Resistance Against Apartheid

Violence Reignites

Opinion Turns On South Africa

South African Response To Pressure

Apartheid Ends

South Africa Under Mandela

Ethnic Issues In E. Africa

Rwanda Becomes More Violent

The Rwandan Genocide

End of the Genocide

Mobutu & the Congo Wars


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This Chapter in the news

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Did The CIA help Catch Mandela?

Teeth that were found in China could possibly rewrite the movement patterns that we teach about when early man left Africa and spread throughout the globe.

Radical Histories of Mandela & King

With all of the years that have passed since they were in leadership roles, people tend to forget how radical these two leaders were at one point in their history.