Chapter 21
Unit 5 World History
The Battle of  the Pyramids by Louis-Francois Baron Lejeune. (Public Domain photo. Info can be found here)
A U.S. National Guard soldier patrolling an Afghan village. (Public Domain photo. Info can be found here)
This last chapter covers globalization of recent years and how that changes the way humans relate to each other. We get the opportunity to talk about how travel has changed the world we live in even before we cover the changes with regards to the internet and cell phones. The chapter ends with a deep introduction to the rise of Islamic terrorism and what the causes for this were. Students are given this information in the hopes that they will be able to write an essay about how we fix these issues in the future. While this is a VERY difficult task, I am hoping that after a year in which I try to help them develop their own voice that they are able to come up with a logical solution to the problem.

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