The Cyrus Cylinder Treasure

Can you solve histories greatest secret? Doing so would make you rich beyond your wildest dreams! 

The Cyrus Cylinder in the British Museum. (Creative Commons photo. Info can be found here)


There have been whispers for millennia about a treasure that had been accumulated in antiquity that would make any treasure ever found look like nothing. A few historians throughout the years have looked into it and come away unconvinced. They did, however, find a handful of cryptic messages from great men and women through the ages of it’s existence. These were assumed to be baseless conspiracies. No country or authority has ever taken this seriously.

Your Involvement!

You were sent a video from a family member you only know by name, but have never met. You are vaguely aware of his archaeology background, but since you had never met him, you never really cared. The following is the video in question.

Related History

Cyrus created the greatest empire ever built by man up to that point. He was able to conquer the remnants of many great civilizations (like the Sumerians) and take the land associated with numerous conquerors like Sargon the Great. It is theoretically possible that he would have had access to riches from ancient people that were never recorded in the historical record.

History of the Achaemenid Dynasty. (Creative Commons photo. Info can be found here)