Course Expectations

Course Expectations

The first assignment each year is one that requires students and parents to become acquainted with the rules and procedures of the class. This is of vital importance because often times students forget the grade weights and wonder why their grade is not at the level they think it should be. For this reason each class gives a specific list of requirements and an explanation of grading. Please find the link below that applies to your class and have your parent fill out the form after you both read it. Understand that ONLY a parent may fill out the form and any deviation from this could result in disciplinary action.

AP World History Expectations

Honors World History Expectations

World History Expectations

AP World Signature Agreement

Having read the Course Expectations for the AP World History, my signature indicates that I understand the policies that are outlined and explained in the Course Expectations, especially the following policies:

  1. All students enrolled in an AP course are required to take the AP Examination.
  2. The full cost of the AP exam is due by Spring Break.
  3. AP Exam fees can be paid at the school banker by cash or credit only. WCTA does not take checks.
  4. My signature on this course expectations document constitutes my official registration and agreement to pay for the AP Exam in the course listed above.
  5. Successful completion of the AP course requires intensive study and work outside of class.

Google Form Signatures

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